How to use a Charcoal Smoker | Best Guide for 2020

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It’s really feels suffered when you don’t know how to use a charcoal smoker exactly. Use a charcoal smoker is not a big deal, because you are going to receive some extra-ordinary step by step guiding tips from here, and that’s gonna make it for your easier to made beginner smoker recipes & smoked side dishes too.

From some momentous equipment to the final process there has a lot to say about using the charcoal smoker. The fact is, it doesn’t matter which branded charcoal smoker you’re using, from Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker to Royal Gourmet offset smoker you can apply these methods at any charcoal smoker.

Equipment’s you will need to start a smoker

There have lots of charcoal smokers for sale but you have to consider which one is best and easy for you. Before buying a charcoal smoker look at how easy access it has, such as its grilling chamber, and charcoal chamber. Indeed, you need to examine these options so you can add coals at smokers when you feel needy.

After all, still, there has some crucial equipment that will require whenever you use your charcoal smoker. For instance, try to collect all the pieces of equipment before using your charcoal smoker.

Paraffin cubes: Paraffin cubes are very tiny cubes and clean-burning paraffin is made to keep your food healthy from coals toxics. Generally, these cubes hold the toxics to make your food healthy.

Hardwood chunks (optional): adding some raw & unrefined wood can make your meat so delicious but it totally optionally, depends on your taste & Desire. Put them into perfect size, seeing the smoker firebox design.

Chimney starter: One of the safest and quickest tools for light out your coal is Chimney starter. Chimney starter will not take more than 10-15 minutes to light the coal out.

Long neck lighter: Obviously long neck lighter is important for light out the charcoals. It’s an alternative way of the chimney starter. In fact, you might try the weber smoker box alternatively.

Newspaper: A piece of newspaper you will need when you trying to turn on your chimney starter.

Grill brush: For cleaning the junk and rubble a brush is substantial equipment. Take the brush and clean the whole charcoal smoker first. Even you can use this apparatus adding sauce & oils with another clean grill brush

Grill tongs: Grill tongs are one type of food catcher. With it, you can place the meat wherever you want.

Fire poker: Fire poker will works for you when your coals get cool during smoking. It will help the coal keep light.

Meat Thermometer: Meat thermometer going to tell you about your meet hating limits and its tenderness.

How to use a Charcoal Smoker


How to Use a Charcoal Smoker step by step

After collecting all the charcoal smoker equipment, it’s time to know how to use a smoker. So, I’m letting know you what is the exact process of using a charcoal smoker step by step.

Reveal the whole charcoal grate

Firstly, open the cylindrical part of your smoker also known as the center section of the charcoal smoker. After exposing the lower part of the smoker then remove all the ashes and dispensable coals & ashes.

Dump the briquettes

Secondly, after cleaning the whole charcoal grate then dump all the briquettes of coals in the coal chamber. Spread some paraffin cubes inside the coals briquettes. This process also called the Minion method.

Get the hardwood

Do you know why people use hardwood on their smoker? Only hardwood chunks can deliver you a great woody flavor and the healthy smoker recipes. So, put some medium size hardwood in the fire ring over the coals. As for, use only 3 to 5 wood chunks and don’t apply more than 5 chunks.

Open the vents

Vents are usual and effective for maximum air circulations. When your smoker gets your desired temperatures then open all bottom vents of your smoker

Use the chimney starter

As a matter of fact, lighting the charcoals with newspaper and lighter is tougher. That’s why people are like to use the chimney starter than other lighting procedures.

Without chimney starter, it can be required over 30 minutes to burn but chimney starter can burn the coals within 15 minutes. So, use the chimney starter to light out the coals. Similarly, you can use offset smoker fire management.

Reassemble smoker

Later light out reassemble the whole smoker once again and be ready to smoke your food (meat, vegetables). That’s how to use a smoker box.

Fill the water pan

Now it’s time to fill the water pan with water. Filling the water pan is an optional process because few smokers have this feature. Water pan brings the tenderness and moistures in your meat. It will not give thick and hard crust your meat. Also, it’s better for unusual smoked foods.

How to use a Charcoal Smoker

Fill out the pan with 4 way of water

Open your smoker door then you might be able to bring some aromatics in the water by adding rosemary, oregano, bay leaves, even beer. That’s how you can make the best charcoal smoker recipes. Further, check the pan water occasionally. If water soaked down then fill the pan again if needed.

Close it up and sit back and wait

Now it’s time to close charcoal smoker up and don’t forget to keep open the vents. At the moment you have to wait until it gets exact heat. The exact heat is 225 to 250 degrees F. It usually takes 35-40 minutes.



How to use a smoker with wood chips?

Grilling with wood chips instead of charcoal is better because chips don’t produce toxic gas rather than coals. Adjust some hardwood chips into the fire ring then light it up. After that follow the same process which I already told you how to use a charcoal smoker.

Can you smoke meat with just charcoal?

Yes, you can. But the matter is, with charcoal you can only smoke the meat. But if you add some wood chips or hardwood chunks then you will get some better woody flavor.


Well, it’s time to end this thing but I hope you really like this article and get some exact information’s about how to use a charcoal smoker. You can get a better flavor for using some wood chips and for heating it totally depends on your taste and your smoked recipes.

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