How to do a clambake in the backyard

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It’s a great moment when you spending your time making a clambake in the backyard with your family. Making the clambake is not so tough but it’s a little bit expensive when it comes to the family’s happiness money become worthless. Although, it, not a tough work still you have to learn well how to do a clambake in the backyard.

An old-fashioned clambake is a case throughout the day and great production. That is not for the faint of heart. Preparing the same foods on a smaller scale, in your backyard barbecue, is much easier and just as enjoyable.

Simplified versions steam the seafood on a leaf, while the more elaborate versions use a bed of embers. Let’s make an easy clambake recipe for a seaweed nest to produce the traditional, coastal-flavored smoke.

Things you will need to make a clambake in the backyard

So what you will need to make clambake in the backyard. First of all, you need a better place in your backyard and perfect nice weather to feel clambake on the beach. These are the most important items you will require to do a clambake in the backyard.

  • Charcoal or gas grill
  • Skinless chicken breasts (optional)
  • Fresh or smoked sausage, links, and pieces (optional)
  • New potatoes or baby potatoes Littleneck
  • Corn cob or clam
  • Jumbo shrimp, lobsters or small lobsters
  • Crab legs or other seafood, as desired
  • Large aluminum baking sheet
  • Water, white wine, cider, chicken stock or fish stock
  • Herbs, spices or other seasonings (optional)
  • Melted butter
  • Bread, rolls or other side dishes as desired
  • Rockweed or other algae
  • Simplified Version


How to do a clambake in the backyard (Ordinary version)

So, now it’s time to use those items and make a perfect clam bake recipe. First, prepare a bed of coals if you are using a kettle grill, or heat a gas grill to 325 or 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take the brown and pair-cook your chicken breasts and sausage, if you want to include them in your clambake. After that, Boil or steam the potatoes until they are half-cooked, and peel the ears of corn from their skins.

After pilling it then arrange your favorite combination of seafood and mussels, lobsters or jumbo shrimp, small lobsters, or large crab legs on a large aluminum baking sheet. Pour in 1-2 for glasses of water, white wine, cider, chicken stock or fish stock, and any spices or herbs you want to add.

Cover the roaster firmly with the heavy-duty sheet, place it on the grill, and lower the lid. Cook for 30 minutes with the lid down, and then carefully lift it up. Open the foil and test a lobster by gently pulling on one of its antennae. If you see it comes out easily, then the lobster is cooked. The potatoes should also be smooth, and the clams and mussels should be open.

So, now your food is ready to serve. Serve it immediately with melted butter, buttered bread or rolls, and any side dishes you prefer. Butter will increase your flavor and will work as the


How to do a clambake in the backyard (Deluxe version)

Deluxe clambake doesn’t mean that it’s too expensive than the ordinary version and traditional clambake recipe. Rather you have to toil more to make this clambake deluxe version and for a phenomenal taste.

Create a hotbed of coals in your kettle, charcoal, and small pieces of alternating wood. Both are necessary to achieve the best taste. Pair-cook the potatoes, peel the corn, and use the hot grill to seal your chicken breasts and sausages if you’re using them.

After that, fold a large sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil onto a cushion that fits your barbecue’s grill, leaving at least an inch around its outer edge, where heat and smoke can circulate. Place the sheet on your grid, and carefully build a bed of algae 2 to 3 inches thick on top of it.

Next arrange the seafood, fillet meats, potatoes and ears of corn so they are evenly distributed across the surface of the seaweed, and sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and other herbs or spices as you wish. Cover with another inch of seaweed, and close the lid.

Following the clam boil recipe steam it with your steamer for 25 to 30 minutes, without opening the lid. When that time is up, open the lid and remove the meat, potatoes, corn, and seafood for platters. Serve hot with melted butter, rolls, and your choice of side dishes.



What is in a traditional clambake?

A traditional clambake means a dozen clams with half a chicken, corn, sweet potatoes, and some side dishes. Chicken, sweet potatoes, and corn make a typical & ordinary clambake recipe. But if you add some lobster, crabs, small shrimp you can have an extra-ordinary clambake.

What is a clambake party?

The Clambake party was started in England. People walk on the beach and make some clambake to eat with their family and friends. From there, the clambake party was started, and still, people arrange this party on various occasions.

How do you cook clams on a campfire?

Add the clams, Butter, Lemon juice, Garlic, and then mix them in a pot or bowl. Cover the pot with the lid and place it in the campfire. Steam the pot for over 5-8 minutes and your clams are ready to eat.

What is a traditional lobster bake?

Traditional lobster bake means baking the authentic lobster on a special event or social occasion. Even you can bake your lobster at the backyard clambake pit with the clambake slang. This lobster comes with great memorable taste must try once.


Clambake is a very traditional sea beach recipe. Peoples are enjoying this clambake party with their relatives, family, and friends. Interestingly, you don’t need to place yourself in the sea beach for the clambake.

Moreover, you can make a clambake in your back yard. That’s why I write down this how to do a clambake in the backyard. Thank you so much for reading this and leave a comment below.

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